Shop till you drop

It’s that time of year again

Time to start planning holiday meals

Making a Christmas list

Sitting by the fire with hot chocolate while it snows

Decorating the tree with care

Time for oversized sweaters and flannels

(unless you live in the south where it’s still 80 degrees)

Now not saying all of that isn’t fun. Please keep in mind the sales associates at the stores you are shopping at this holiday season. Please be patient with them as you are checking out or are waiting to be checked out, they can only go so fast and huffing and puffing gets you nowhere.

 The associates are working longer hours and most retailers open on Thanksgiving, and it’s not at 3am anymore, so they have to work that day instead of being with their family. They don’t have an option of not going out and shopping like you the customer does. So please when they say a coupon doesn’t work, IT DOESN’T WORK. Don’t ask them to try again and then ask them to call a manager just so you can save a couple bucks. They know their merchandise and they know what will work and what won’t work when you use said coupon. Most store have the prices really low as it is, that’s how they get you in the store because who doesn’t want a pair of boots for $19.99 when they are originally $50. The coupon won’t work on something that low, that’s why there are exclusion to every coupon, not the associates fault you didn’t read them. And yes, they do have more jobs than just checking you out. They also have to clean the fitting rooms and put the clothes back where they go. Please don’t be rude and just leave the clothes on the floor that you tried on, they are on hangers for a reason, at least put them back on them.

They are hungry, tired, and probably want to go home and sleep.

As someone who works in retail I know what its like to be on the other side of the register with customers saying “oh I’m so sorry you have to work today” when the day is Thanksgiving. It gets under your skin but all you can do is smile and be pleasant even though you would rather be at home watching football and eating dinner with your family. It’s hard on us, and our families too. Trying to plan family things around our ever changing schedule is not a fun task.

I ask, we ask please be nice to the associates when you are in the store. We want you to enjoy you shopping trip. Just please this shopping season consider the feeling of the person on the other side of the counter. They too would like to enjoy the holidays.

till next time…