That time of year again cont……


The game is over.

You can hear Rocky Top from the river.

Tennessee pulled out a win against Florida, 38-28.

I still can’t believe it. Florida’s winning streak is finally over!!!

THE DUCK CAN PULL A TRUCK, and the duck will continue to do so.

With the Vols at Georgia next week coming off a loss to Ole Miss we might go 5-0.This win has given hope to so many fans including me. UT started this game very slow and it didn’t seem like their heads were in the game. When they came out after halftime they were like a different team. From making big plays down field to the defense not letting Florida make any big plays to keep their lead. I mean Florida get a first down till almost the end of the forth quarter.

The excitement at Neyland Stadium after that win is something that everyone has to experience. Where it be swaying in the stands as the band plays Tennessee Waltz or you are singing Rocky Top after a big play or touch down, you need to go at least once in your life.

But then again the saying goes ” slow and steady wins the race” and that’s pretty much how they played. Lets hope next week is just as good, if not better.

Till next time




That time of year again…

Today is the day…

Its’ the Tennessee Florida game.

The day we all get to see how purple Butch Jones gets.

The day the whole world gets to see just “how good” Tennessee really is.

We all get to see if a duck can pull a truck, if you know what that means.

Florida has beat Tennessee 11 years in a row and we are all watching to see if they can break the streak. An 11 year streak that has gone on far long for this Vols fan.

With that being said, Tennessee has to actually show up and play through the whole game. Not just the first half or the second half. The WHOLE game.

Now Tennessee has to stop relying on Josh Dobbs to do everything. I’m not saying he’s a great player because he’s not consistent with his throwing game, or any game for that matter. He holds on to the ball for to long, he either throws the ball to far or to short, or its to an invisible player and gets mad when no one catches it. I’m not saying he always has bad plays, if he did Tennessee wouldn’t be racked #14 three games in. I will say this about him though, he needs to start yelling and getting mad at the offensive line when they don’t come up with good plays, he needs to rally them together and get them hype. Tennessee’s offensive line though needs to step up and defend Dobbs instead of getting beat by the defense almost every single play. The receivers have to actually catch the ball and hold on to it. If they fumble the ball on big plays they aren’t going to win. Their defense on the other hand has to hold off Florida from making any big plays and keep up with Florida’s receivers. which they didn’t during Florida’s first drive and that’s how the scored so soon.

Now for Florida, with their starting QB out they have to make the big plays or just let TN make mistake after mistake and they will win no question asked. Their defense has to be stronger and get through TN offence, which shouldn’t be that hard. They just have to not get worn out and not get hurt. They just have to hold on the football because TN is known for recovering fumbles.

It hurts me to say it but Florida is a good team, and this is probably one of the biggest games in the SEC besides the Alabama game which will probably be a lose too. This game will show TN true colors on how they will play the rest of the season, how they play in conference games and where their mindset is going into the game.

The first half of this game TN has not shown up and I am really wondering where their heads are at. Did they go into this game knowing they were going to lose? Where they not prepared for this game? Do they even care if they win? As a Vols fan I don’t see them winning this one and its only half time, I know there are 2 more quarters left but its just not a good game for TN. They have dropped one to many passes that should of been caught, some even for a touchdown, and they look like they don’t have any momentum. Once again, it may not be their year. Even though we have all been promised that for like the past 3 years.