Mid-Year Review (because I’ve been busy)

Where to begin…

Well, nothing has really changed. I still live at home, going to work everyday, and I help out the boutique I interned at on Saturdays when the owner ask me. I wrecked my car on my birthday, so I had a great one this year. Not a very exciting life for a 24 year old, I must say but when your friends are still in school, and the ones you have at home have jobs like you and a family, you don’t really go out that much.

A good thing at work, I got a raise in February at work so that helps some. It was only a .21 cent raise though ( you have to love corporate). I still like my job, sometimes its frustrating but for the most part I do enjoy it.

Some interesting things, I’m going to be in a wedding in August. The bride is such a great friend, I love her to death. The odd thing  about our relationship is we didn’t like each other when we first met, and we will both tell you this. We met at work when I moved to a different department and I had to work with her/take items back to her area. She will say I came off like a snob, but I promise I’m not, I just take awhile to warmup to people.

Another exciting this is that, as a family, we will be going to Walt Disney World…. I repeat Walt Disney World some time in February. After I get done with inventory and clean up from the Holiday Season at work. The last time we went I was in… 6th grade I think. But we did go to Disneyland during Christmas break my senior year of high school. We will also go to Universal, which will be a first for us, and I get to be a REAL WIZARD. I can not wait to go. I told a guy at work the other day, who is an annual passholder and goes at least twice a year, that I’m glad we are going now that I’m older so I can appreciate everything more, especially the different pavilions at Epcot. All the different countries and food, oh and of course the new Frozen ride. You cant forget about that.  

Well that’s all from me for now, till next time

XOXO Katherine